Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something Nasty in the Milk Shed

For years now I've wanted to fix up the ancient milk shed.  It sits, quite literally, at the edge of our property, a remnant of the days where milk was stored and sold fresh from Myrtle on the farm's roadside milk shed.  The shed is guarded by wild berry bramble and before the spring rain gives them cause to grow any more prickly, I decide to cut a path and see what needs to be done.

view from the road of the shed with the barn in the background.

This is what's between me and getting into the milk shed.
It ain't pretty but it's a path.
The shed's stone front landing.  Jeepers, I love moss on stone.
Getting closer!

What's this high tech security?

we've gained entry!

ugh.  Looks like goat scat and a skeleton.  Apparently, in the recent past, the milk shed was transformed into a goat party den.  Maybe I'll just put the screwdriver back in place and forget I have a milk shed.

To scrub my mind of the milk shed horrors, I'll turn my sites on the lilac that's ready to come into bloom right outside the barn.

And I'll walk the property perimeter and pick up trash!  

And I'll admire the dry rock fence that still surrounds our property.

Daphne has the right idea.  She's not wasting her time breaking into a nasty milk shed.  She's soaking up the rays.


  1. Looks like you found a good supply of natural fertilizer for your garden this year ;)

  2. Daphne is very beautiful! Marli. Brasil.

  3. Oh goodness, I know it's something nasty I've been told, and it's also quite so mysterious I know...but gee what lovely photos take me on this journey of something nasty this way comes! How could it ever be so bad, with a view like these! Oh heavens no!

  4. And a curious mind is satisfied. Well, sort of I guess. Sure would have been nice to find an old Norman Rockwell painting in the shed instead of the "milk shed horrors" that were there. :)


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